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                                                                                         Sebastien Lipman / Sayo Lipman

The Lipman Harp Duo is composed of two eminent harpists Sebastien Lipman (Former Solo Harpist of The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) & Sayo Lipman (Prize winner of Japan International Harp Competition)- with outstanding international credentials who have performed widely and globally, presenting well known and well loved repertoire for an always delighted audience. The angelic sound of two harps is unique, and so is this Duo, being the only such ensemble in Australia. During each performance, the Lipman Harp Duo charms audiences with world class playing, while simultaneously presenting rare and beautiful instruments, loved by all. The works performed include transcriptions and original works. The husband and wife duo have performed over 100 concerts since 2006 in various venues in NSW, WA and QLD in Australia, ranging from churches and Art Galleries to Brisbane City's Main Auditorium and ABC studio for live National Radio Broadcasts, as well as in the concert hall of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Internationally, they have performed in Tokyo, Cairo, Paris, Washington DC, Toronto, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Vancouver, Shanghai and Taipei.

Their first CD - "Harp Fusion", released in 2006, consisting of popular classics and their second CD - "Scenes of Childhood", consisting of solos and duos by John Thomas, released internationally for the Naxos label in late 2007 have been featured on Australian radio stations as well as on 53 major radio station networks in 15 countries (USA,Europe,etc.). Qantas Inflight Entertainment also featured the Lipman Harp Duo in "Concert Hall program" in May 2008 and throughout 2013. They have performed in the USA on three separate occasions in 2007, while continuing to perform extensively within Australia and undertook a North Queensland tour from Brisbane to Cairns in April 2008. In March of 2009, they embarked on their first world tour, performing to great acclaim. They also have performed for the Australian Festival of Chamber Music. In 2011, they have performed in Taipei, Shanghai and the U.S.A

They released their third CD entitled "Arpeggio" and their fourth CD "Dualite" for the "Harmonious Resonance" label.  


For audio samples, please refer to "RECORDINGS" section of the website.

*Lipman Harp Duo's CV in Japanese  -  リップマン・ハープデュオ プロフィール

Brisbane City Hall's Main Auditorium やABCラジオ放送局などを含む様々な会場にて
最初のCD-"ハープ・フュージョン"と、二枚目のCD-"子供の情景"(NAXOS より
2009年2月には3枚目のCD - "アルペジオ"をリリースし好評を得ている。
カナダ(トロント)、アメリカ合衆国(ワシントンDC, ソルトレイクシティー)を巡る
(タウンズビル‐クイーンズランド) に出演。

*Lipman Harp Duo's CV in Chinese


"Harp Fusion"是2006年「李普曼雙豎琴」發行的第一張專輯,裡面有許多廣受歡迎的經典曲目。第二張專輯 "Scenes of Childhood"「童年情景」則在2007年底由 Naxos拿索斯古典音樂唱片公司製作發行,曲目包含作曲家約翰.湯瑪斯的經典豎琴獨奏曲及二重奏曲。他們的音樂除了在歐美十五個城市的53個主要廣播電台被多次播放,在澳洲航空公司2008年五月的機艙娛樂節目裡也可以欣賞到他們優雅絕美的雙豎琴演奏。
最新錄製的第三張專輯"Arpeggio"「琶音」由Harmonious Resonance 製作發行,